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Posted by:kimdean
Subject:Kismet Drone not sniffing all APs
Date:18:33:22 11/10/2006

I'm using Kismet drone 2006.04.r1 on white russian R5 on wrt54g v2 with latest kismet server 2006.04.r1 code

My problem is, after several hours(after 4 or 7 hours)
drone is sending sniffing data only from 1 or 2 Access points, where initally there's about 10 AP.
I'm not using script to channel hop, I'm just monitoring one channel via "wl channel 11 command."
here is my startup S60Kismet_drone

#! /bin/sh
echo "Setting radio for kismet_drone"
mkdir /var/log
/sbin/ifconfig eth1 up
/usr/sbin/wl ap 0
/usr/sbin/wl disassoc
/usr/sbin/wl passive 1
/usr/sbin/wl promisc 1
/usr/sbin/wl monitor 1
/usr/sbin/wl channel 11
echo "Running kismet_drone"
/usr/bin/./kismet_drone -f /etc/kismet/kismet_drone.conf > /dev/null 2>&1 &
sleep 3
echo "kismet_drone now running"

after restarting kismet drone and servers, things come back to normal again..

any ideas?

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