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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:incoming packets lost during saves on 2006-04-R1
Date:16:24:25 09/10/2006

> Running your MIPS (wrt54g) statically-linked kismet_server binary on a Netgear WGT634U (on top of an OpenWrt buildroot-ng system), I have observed that during saves, incoming packets seem to disappear. This is particularly a problem because after 2000 or so networks, the save operation on this hardware takes on the order of 90 seconds.
> Related feature request: add sound generating events at the beginning and conclusion of saves. If the underlying problem can't be solved readily, at least I can sound alerts to indicate periods when packets aren't being recorded.
> Thanks!

No idea. Packet saves aren't triggered as part of the normal write event, the packet file is a continual stream. All the save does is a fflush and sync to kick the OS to write buffers out to physical media. Other files are regenerated fully, non streamable types like the csv, netxml, and network files are destroyed and rewritten.

Sound generation wouldn't help you here, since no save event is sent to the client.

I don't really suggest running the full server on an embedded system like that, there isn't really enough cpu and ram, and the flash filesystem is very slow (and will, eventually, wear out the write cycles, though they level pretty well so it's not as bad as some people claim). The drone is much better suited to running on a small system, w/ logging and decoding on a pc.


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