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Posted by:Taisa
Subject:Cisco [LMC-352] + Kismet + Debian 3.1 kernel 2.4.24
Date:22:29:37 08/10/2006

I have just installed my new debian with 2.4.24 kernel... Just for the wardriving. I installed kismet by apt-get, edited kismet config (used cisco_wifix, as a source wifi0 and eth1) and... It doesn`t work. I mean it doesn`t show none of wireless networks that I have on range. Kernel 2.4.24 - OS Debian, card works, I can connect to my home wireless network. Drivers for cisco were installed by debian installer (it uses pcmcia-cs module I guess). What should I do to get the card work with kismet? I`ll be grateful for help.

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