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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:NewCore and Dronelisten
Date:15:13:34 06/10/2006

> I used to run two drones on wrt54g with whiteRussian rc5.
> now I have compiled this Newcore but getting following errors like Dronelisten is not defined.
> so I enabled following.
> dronelisten=tcp://,tcp://,tcp://
> droneallowedhosts=,
> dronebindaddress=
> dronemaxclients=5
> droneringlen=65535

dronelisten won't handle comma-separated. If you want to bind to all interfaces, use

> INFO: Channel hopping disabled in config file
> FATAL: Unknown capture source type 'kismet_drone' in source
> 'kismet_drone,,drone'

Source name is 'drone'.


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