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Posted by:nyblueguy
Subject:Fixed that now 1 more problem. Dump file error - Not a permission issue
Date:13:25:44 25/09/2006

> > My log template looks like this and is working: logtemplate=%h/kismet-log/%n-%d-%i.dump
> You need to retake Reading and Comprehension 101 class.
> No it is not working. You are logging differently formatted data to the same file. That won't work.
> And it doesn't according to your own post, since you can't open the dump file consistently in Wireshark. Wireshark opens pcap files, and since you are logging csv formatted data, XML formatted data and pcap formatted data to the same file, chances are that 3 out of 4 times in the save cycle, the data is not in the format expected by wireshark.
> Read the kismet.conf file explanations regarding the logtypes and the logging template and how the various parameters for the logging template expand, untill you get it.
> Dutch

Gee thanks. Instead of answering my question in two line. you choose to be a little bitch. thanks. fucking deuche

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