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Posted by:nyblueguy
Subject:Fixed that now 1 more problem. Dump file error - Not a permission issue
Date:21:33:27 24/09/2006

> See your previous posted output :
> Logging networks to /home/sp/sp/Kismet-Sep-23-2006-1.dump
> Logging networks in CSV format to /home/sp/sp/Kismet-Sep-23-2006-1.dump
> Logging networks in XML format to /home/sp/sp/Kismet-Sep-23-2006-1.dump
> Logging cryptographically weak packets to /home/sp/sp/Kismet-Sep-23-2006-1.dump
> Logging cisco product information to /home/sp/sp/Kismet-Sep-23-2006-1.dump
> Logging gps coordinates to /home/sp/sp/Kismet-Sep-23-2006-1.dump
> Logging data to /home/sp/sp/Kismet-Sep-23-2006-1.dump
> Dutch

Dutch can you show me your .conf file? Do I need to create directories first for netoworks/crypt/cisco/data.... How do I enter these?

My log template looks like this and is working: logtemplate=%h/kismet-log/%n-%d-%i.dump


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