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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Fixed that now 1 more problem. Dump file error - Not a permission issue
Date:15:38:19 24/09/2006

> > > FATAL: Dump file error: Unable to open dump file /home/sp/sp/Kismet-Sep-23-2006-1.dump (No such file or directory)
> >
> > Give it a path that exists.
> >
> > -m
> Took care of it. Now its up and running. One more thing. I am only getting the dump file. Where are the other logs that should be produced. Or do I have to explicity define them in the config file?
> And sometimes I can open the dump file in wireshark, sometimes it tells me it cannot. Just curious as to why.
> Thanks,

Because you are doing it wrong, and not reading the instructions contained in the kismet.conf file.

See your previous posted output :
Logging networks to /home/sp/sp/Kismet-Sep-23-2006-1.dump
Logging networks in CSV format to /home/sp/sp/Kismet-Sep-23-2006-1.dump
Logging networks in XML format to /home/sp/sp/Kismet-Sep-23-2006-1.dump
Logging cryptographically weak packets to /home/sp/sp/Kismet-Sep-23-2006-1.dump
Logging cisco product information to /home/sp/sp/Kismet-Sep-23-2006-1.dump
Logging gps coordinates to /home/sp/sp/Kismet-Sep-23-2006-1.dump
Logging data to /home/sp/sp/Kismet-Sep-23-2006-1.dump


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