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Posted by:buk110
Date:14:55:58 22/09/2006

> > Does anyone know if you can have multiple gps hosts?
> In kismet? No. What would be the point?
> If you use drones, each drone can have its own gps host, and the packets from that drone keep the GPS coordinates from their own gps, but theres no multiple gps support in kismet for local capture.
> -m
Let me see if I understand. Because currently this is my setup. I have a server sitting in a room, that's connected to 3 drones at the moment via the network.

I have one drone running a gps reciever and then in my server conf file I have it pointing to that gps drive.

So, then you're saying I can not have the server look at another drone like:

gpshost =
gpshost =

Sorry for my ignorance -- long week

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