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Posted by:kimdean
Subject:Kismet Server and Drone
Date:15:50:20 21/09/2006

Thanks for the info!

but I've decided to upgrade the drone first, because I was running 2005.08.R1
but after upgrading to 2006.04.R1 I'm getting following errors, any ideas?
It's running on WRT54G v2 and I did set to monitoring mode with "wl monitor 1"
infact I run following commands before running drone.
/sbin/ifconfig eth1 up
/usr/sbin/wl ap 0
/usr/sbin/wl disassoc
/usr/sbin/wl passive 1
/usr/sbin/wl promisc 1
/usr/sbin/wl monitor 1
/usr/sbin/wl channel 11

here is error messages. and only I've changed is source=wrt54g,eth1,Kismet-Drone
Using alternate config file: kismet_drone.conf
Suid priv-dropping disabled. This may not be secure.
No specific sources given to be enabled, all will be enabled.
Disabling channel hopping.
Source 0 (Kismet-Drone): Enabling monitor mode for wrt54g source interface eth1 channel 0...
Source 0 (Kismet-Drone): Opening wrt54g source interface eth1...
FATAL: pcap reported netlink type 1 (EN10MB) for eth1. This probably means you're not in RFMON mode or your drivers are reporting a bad value. Make sure you have the correct drivers and that entering monitor mode succeeded.

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