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Posted by:buk110
Subject:Connection Refused
Date:15:22:27 21/09/2006

Fixed it

OK guys, got it figured out:

In the kismet_drone.conf file, make sure the allowed hosts is set to the IP range for your network. For instance, mine says:


This appeared to work and the drone program said it was allowing connections from 192... But netstat only showed port 3501 open for the localhost ( connection.

So its time to start dinking around -- so I decide to change the bindaddress to the same IP range, ie:


Bingo, it works. All I had to do was change the source line in the kismet.conf file on my remote server to the following:


All is good and I now have a drone on one box and the server and client on another. All I need to do is get a few more drones and make it mobile...

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