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Posted by:nightbear
Subject:compiling kismet under OSX 10.4
Date:20:24:55 19/09/2006

I´m just struggling to compile the current (svn) kismet-devel on a PowerPC OSX Mac with pcap and gpsmap disabled and "--enable-viha". The output is always the same: No Viha capture in the final listing at the end of the ./configure output.
Compiling the 2006-04-R1 source succeds in enabling viha capture - despite a load of warnings concerning the Viha WIFI headers etc.
The reason why I´m twiddling with the devel at all is that 2006-04-R1 has difficulties loading the driver. Starting Kismet only succeeds in about 1 out of 5 cases - crashing kismet_server with "segmentation fault in line 62" otherwise.
I got the WIFI-Framework from the "Wireless Tools 0.0.1.a in the Libraries folder
plus I installed the Viha Wireless Lan Driver 0.0.2 (using XCODE).
Is ther any hope to sort this out??
Thank you for any helpful hints!

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