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Posted by:acatala
Subject:Kismet does not capture traffic
Date:16:46:02 17/09/2006

I have a Powerbook with PowerPC G4 and Yellowdog Linux 4.0. I have bought a Netgear WG511T card and I have installed MadWifi drivers.

I can use use Netgear card to connect to my wireless home network and I can put Netgear card in monitor mode and then capture frames with Airsnort.

But when I try to use it with kismet, I can not capture any frame. Before running kismet I destroy ath0 VAP because it is not a monitor VAP.

I have tried using a kismet client and server in different computers, but it seem kismet server can not capture frames.

Of course I have last versions of both madwifi drivers and kismet.

Anybody have an idea to help me ?.

Many thanks and regards.

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