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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Problem start Kismet! Help please
Date:11:01:21 17/09/2006

> > > Help please
> Hello. It does not work.
> I have made so:

> FATAL: Unknown capture source type 'prism2' in source 'prism2,eth1,prism2source'
> Waiting for server to start before startuing UI...
> delarante@ubuntu:~$

> What do I do not correctly?
> Please write more detailed what to do.

You are not reading the error message, when it clearly tells you what is wrong, that's what you are doing not correctly...

Dragorn didn't make Kismet spit out errormessages just for fun, but for people to READ them, and then correct the error they made when trying to configure the program while not reading the documentation for his program.

So go read the documentation, pay particular note to section 12, then read the error message once more. That should tell you what to change in the kismet.conf file.

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