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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:New Kismet Log Combiner script available.
Date:17:29:32 16/09/2006

A new much faster version of the Kismet Log Combiner script is available.
Changes include using hashing to speed up the log combining, and disabling external DTD validation, thereby making it possible to use the script while offline.

Just ran some time test, to see how much optimization I managed to put into the script.

2 kismet.xml files used.
File 1 contained 74 networks.
File 2 contained 190 networks. Of those 190 networks, 13 networks were allready in file 1. The position of these networks were distributed like this in file 1 : 3, 1, 2, 6, 4, 7, 8, 5, 72, 74, 29, 27, and 71.
Test was run on a Pentium 3 - 1 Ghz - 384 mb ram Dell laptop.

Original KLC from thud.thaunderdog (now ) : 5 minutes 14 seconds.
Revised version of KLC as posted in the original thread on the NS forums : 3 minutes 36 seconds.
New version of KLC as posted in the abovementioned thread on the NS forums: 18 seconds.

I guess it shows that I (miss)spent my youth reading a copy of Donald Knuth's "The art of Computer Programming, Vol. 3" ;)


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