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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:where does kismet save log files?? help me pls!!!
Date:16:57:03 12/09/2006

> hello!
> I am completely a newbie of kismet. i want to use it with aircrack-ng, but in order to do that i should understand where and how it saves log files in order to pass them to aircrack..
> can you help me please? what have i to do after running kismet in order to generate .pcap (is this the log format) files to pass to aircrack?
> thanks a looooooooootttt!:)

If you'd taken the time to read even the "quick start" section of the documentation:

* Add an absolute path to the "logtemplate" configuration option if you want Kismet to always log to the same directory instead of the directory you start it in.

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