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Posted by:njohnsn
Subject:ipw2915ABG card won't report signal strength to kismet
Date:20:55:58 07/09/2006

I can't get kismet to report signal strength from my built in ipw2915ABG card.

I get the error "server not reporting signal strength" when I try to view the signal strength within kismet. However, if I assocate to an ESSID and run /sbin/iwconfig it reports signal strength for the AP it is associated with.

- I'm running Fedora Core 5 with all the latest updates installed. The version of Kismet that comes with the distro is the latest.

- I downloaded, compiled, and intalled the latest wireless tools and ipw2200 drivers.

I made the changes to the options in the makefile for the driver, and no errors were reported during compliation or installation of the drivers or tools.

I have an atheros based pccard and it work fine.


Is it a problem with the 2915 card (should I put my original 2200 card back in) ?

Am I missing another piece of software or is there an option I need to set in the kernel ?


- Neil

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