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Posted by:Xitro
Subject:Kismet on ipw2200
Date:15:59:14 06/09/2006

> > Hi, I got Knoppix 4.0.2 with Kismet
> > My laptop (Acer Aspire 3628) has a build-in wireless card.
> > And that card uses the driver ipw2200.
> > But when I open Kismet, it gives an error with ipw2200;
> > FATAL: Unknown capture source type 'ipw2200' in source 'ipw2200,eth0,2200BG'
> >
> > Can some1 help me with this?
> > I'm not very familiar with Linux so.
> Upgrade to a modern version of Kismet. Your version predates ipw2200 support, which means it's probably several years out of date.
> -m

Same error with the latest Kismet.. Also got the latest Wireless tools / 2200BG Drivers but still that error. (I'm using a Live CD BTW)

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