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Posted by:metkis
Subject:Problems with Network List Panel
Date:16:56:20 05/09/2006

> > Hi Guys,
> > I can't seem to get any information to display in the Network List panel. I'm running the kismet_server and kismet_drone on a wrt54g and am running the kismet_client on ubuntu. I start the drone and server on the wrt54g and then start the client on my ubuntu machine. I'm getting information in both the Status and Info panels but nothing happens in the Network List panel. If I look at the logfiles, I see that various things are being found as well. So, it seems like things are working but not everything is being sent to the ui properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> >
> > -M
> Are you running kismet_server and kismet_drone at the same time on the same WRT54G
> ?
> If so, don't.
> Run kismet_server on the WRT54G, then connect with your client from the pc.
> Or run kismet_drone on the WRT54G, then run kismet_server and kismet_client on the PC.
> Dutch

I was running both kismet_server and kismet_drone on the wrt54g at the same time.

I changed the source in kismet.conf and tried running just kismet_server on the wrt54g. I started up the client on OS X and the results were the same. The client connects and there's activity in both the status and info panels but nothing happens in the network list panel. It seems like the wrt54g runs the same whether I'm using just the kismet_server or using both the kismet_server and kismet_drone.

Are there any issues, with version compatibilities, between the client and the server that I should be aware of?

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