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Posted by:m2
Subject:another .network file question
Date:14:41:10 05/09/2006


A new post as the old one has gotten lost down the board....

As I understand it the encryption field in the network files can take any of: "WEP LAYER3 WEP40 WEP104 TKIP WPA PSK AES-OCB AES-CCM LEAP TTLS PEAP ISAKMP PPTP"

Except for WEP, most of the fields are from WPA header dissection..

Why would a WPA station have WEP40 / WEP140 ? Looking at my logs, it seems like hardly any do, so is this just for some strange manuf specific implementations that always send WPA headers even when WPA is turned off?

What does TKIP suggest in addition to WPA? If you are using WPA, you must be using TKIP? (why have two fields)

How is PPTP detection performed and is it reliable (I suspect it only works for some implementations of PPTP)?

Thanks again..

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