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Posted by:jazzist encryption question.
Date:11:38:32 05/09/2006

> > in the .network files that kismet creates, encryption for a network is noted as a singular or combination from a list of types, including, wep, wep40, wep104,tkip,wpa,psk,aesccm,pptp...
> >
> > often when wep is listed, wep40 and wep104 are not, is this because kismet hasn't received enough frames from this network to determine this or is kismet simply looking at the advertised security capability - i.e. it isn't dependent on number of frames received from the network..
> WEP implies the privacy bit is set and no other information is available.
> WEP40 and WEP104 are only deduced from advanced encryption tagparms (WPA dissection). Normal WEP has no indicators about key size.
> Other encryption options are also deduced from the WPA feature set.
> -m

why would a station using WEP have WPA headers?

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