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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Devicescape 80211 stack and wireless extensions
Date:15:55:56 04/09/2006

> > Currently theres no support for dscape stuff, correct. There probbaly won't be until either it stabilizes and the driver models can co-exist (ie, I can use my internal centrino on a modern driver plus dscape plus the kernel IEEE) or until I get my other laptop reinstalled and ignore the internal wireless entirely. I'm not willing to cripple my ability to use my standard laptop.
> >
> Will the stuff really not play together at all?. I know its not in the main kernel yet but we supply a version with our experimental driver and it dosn't seem to effect anything else but i haven't really tried.

Last I tried, yeah -- mostly because the centrino stuff uses a different ieee core than the kernel.

> > Yeah, no. Feel free, but I won't merge that in. This is primarily a user problem: Users never pick generic properly, and it's not worth the hassle that will ensue. Kismet has had generic options in the past, and I don't thinK I'm likely to ever add them again. The secondary reason is that different drivers still behave differently. Things are begining to unify, but I don't have a lot of confidence yet in things like FCS bytes, etc.
> >
> Ok I will have a hack but i will subclass a rt2x00 driver and as you say it will be minimal code added. We have quite a few testers on rt2x00 now and we seem to be making good progress so would you consider adding a rt2x00 driver in addition to the rt2400 and rt2500 you already have?

Sure. Catch me on IRC if you want, I'll probably be around most of today, #kismet on freenode.


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