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Posted by:robincornelius
Subject:Devicescape 80211 stack and wireless extensions
Date:13:05:50 04/09/2006

Hi Guys,

There is a change to the sequence for taking a card into monitor mode when using the dscape80211 stack and latest wireless extensions. It is necessary to take the card into monitor mode when the net interface is down. Currently the code takes cards into monitor mode after the interface is brought up which is rejected by dscape code and kismet won't start.

I am having a hack in the kismet code to see what can be done but prehapse the best solution would be to introduce a generic wireless extension capture source so that any drivers that are ported to the dscape stack will just work without any iwpriv etc stuff.

Currently i believe only the rt2x00 rewrite and a broadcom driver use the stack but it would be a useful addition i believe.



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