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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:intel 3945abg compatibility
Date:14:01:40 01/09/2006

> Is the intel PRO/Wireless 3945abg compatible with kismet? are there drivers available for the card to work with kismet?
> Thanks
> Pinkbits

"Documentation" "Find" "3945"

ipw3945 Intel/Centrino Linux ipw3945
Capture interface: 'ethX'
The Linux IPW3945/Centrino drivers for Intel Core
802.11bga cards.

ipwlivetap Intel/Centrino Linux ipw2200/3945
Capture interface: 'ethX'
The ipw3945 and patched ipw2200 drivers support a
special mode which allows monitor-mode style sniffing
while remaining associated. Channel hopping is not
possible, as the card is still associated to a
specific AP, but single-channel IDS and sniffing can
be accomplished. See the ipw driver mailing list
archives for information about patching your drivers.


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