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Posted by:losttoy2000
Subject:Invisible VPN packets
Date:00:46:23 01/09/2006


I am using Kismet 2006.04.R1 on Linux kernel 2.6.17-11 with a Broadcom BCM4306 (rev 03) card. Everything works fine, I can capture all sorts of packets in the wlan. Here is the queer part. I have two laptops, one running kismet and other runs a IPSec VPN Client that connects to the VPN over the wlan. I am trying to sniff the pre and post VPN establishment packets.

In kismet.conf, I set:

Then I start kismet and enable the wlan card on the other laptop. As soon as I enable the wlan card on the other laptop, I can see some activity on kismet and the packet count reaches 28. Now I fire up the IPSec VPN client and connect to the VPN. Doing this does NOT increase the packet count on kismet. I do some browsing from the other laptop over VPN and still the kismet count stays the same. The source MAC address of the traffic cannot change to take the IPSec virtual's interface's MAC because my wlan AP has a mac access list.

Can someone help me with this?

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