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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Kismet fails: Address already in use
Date:11:58:15 29/08/2006

> I execute 'kismet_server' ni a konsole, and it seems to work fine.
> But then, I execute 'kismet' in another konsole and it fails. The error message is the next:
> ************
> ...
> Listening on port 2501
> Allowing connections from
> Failed to set up UI server: TCPServer bind() failed: Address already in use
> Didn't detect any networks, unlinking network list.
> Didn't...
> ...
> Kismet exiting.
> ************
> This error is in the command 'kismet', but 'kismet_server' still works.
> What's going on? Thanks.

The command "kismet" is an executable script, which tries to start the two binary executables that makes up the Kismet wifi tool, the server part (kismet_server) and the userinterface part (kismet_client).

Since you allready manually started one component, the script fails to start it and then exits gracefully without starting the second component.
Either don't start kismet_server manually, but let the kismet script do it or start both components manually.


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