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Posted by:justdave
Subject:intel macbook + kismet + drone help....can you compile kismet on a mactel?
Date:14:33:59 27/08/2006

> > Disabling pcap and viha lets me compile it, but 'make install' always dies with...
> >
> > david-moores-computer:/downloads/firefox/kismet-2006-04-r1 davidmoore$ make suidinstall
> > make -e commoninstall
> > mkdir -p /usr/local/etc
> > mkdir: /usr/local/etc: Permission denied
> Well thats an entirely different error.
> Your user doesn't have permission to write to a system directiory, hardly surprising.
> -m

Actually, it was surprising. It's my macbook. So I should have permission to write to a system "directiory." As it happens... I wasn't logged in as root, and in OS X the normal system admin accounts set up by default doesn't have permissions to those directories. A simple 'you have to be logged in as root or similar' would've been helpful. Why be sarcastic? There was a time when you didn't have a clue what you were doing, might be an idea to bear those times in mind when you're replying to people.

It's all working now, thanks for your help (ish).


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