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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:intel macbook + kismet + drone help....can you compile kismet on a mactel?
Date:20:52:06 25/08/2006

> Hey ppl,
> Got a drone running on an old wrt54g, and I want to be able to talk to it using my shiny new intel macbook. Anyone had any sucess or suggestions with regard to compiling kismet on these machines? I can't 'make' it, it does let me ./configure tho, but can't go any further. Any ideas?

Ought to be compileable, though you may be hitting issues where configure assumes viha must be enabled since it's osx, but viha doesn't exist for macbooks. Try forcing it off during configure with --disable-viha (or --without-viha, i forget) and see what you get.

> It's a shame KisMac can't talk to drones.

KisMac has nothing to do with kismet. Someone could make a pretty aqua gui for kismet, too, but no-one has.


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