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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Problem running wispy_gtk under FC5
Date:17:19:05 25/08/2006

> I forgot:
> 1) Tried with distro kernel (and devel package).
> 2) Tried with vanilla kernel (and its sources).

> > 2) With dhe USB wispy device connected into my laptop:
> > $ wispy_gtk
> > Unable to claim interface 0 -- are you root?
> > Is something else using it (another program or the kernel HID)?
> > USB capture child process exited!

You're a victim of redhat not updating their headers properly.

Try the svn pull of wispy-tools, that wispy-gtk internally defines the ioctl and tries it on any kernel, no matter what the headers say the kernel supports.

This is a terrible hack to work around stupid, broken distributions.


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