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Posted by:TAz00
Subject:KisWin - A Windows Kismet Client
Date:07:51:41 24/08/2006

So I "finished" my little project with creating a windows based client for kismet, i'm unsure how many features of kismet are actually supported. And I dont know if the GPS tracking thing is working, since I havnt tested it. But in theory, it should, and full source is available so, if anyone could test it and give me a word on it, that would be great.

I know there is something out there called Kiswin allready, but its really just kismet and cygwin.

A few images

Now it's written in VB6 so alot of people out there should understand the code, I really want this to evolve, as it's not perfect. Parsing data is not something vb is great at, and saving it is not something i'm good at. But I pulled of the basics.


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