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Posted by:jm
Subject:WiSpy running problem in FC3 & FC5
Date:04:03:48 19/08/2006

> Don't know (at the moment), I'm trying with FC5 stock kernel and vanilla kernel and I can compile without problems wispy-tools, and with them I have the same error.
> Perhaps we need any "udev" rule, or any command to disable de hid system to catch the wispy device. I don't know the workaround and I'm very interested to know the correct procedure.

Considering that many people have not the faintest idea how to install a "stock kernel" or may be using other packages that are tied to a default kernel or have a large installed base using a particular "brand" of linux (in this case, FC), wouldn't it make sense to find out what is wrong with the distro from this end, e.g. is it REALLY the headers that are out of sync and so on, to enable the widest possible take-up of the wispy tools?

Posting in the forums over in did not help - no replies there on the detach issue. THus it looks like the problem may have to be resolved from this end :(

Otherwise, it will hinder the adoption of the linux version of wispy tools...
(i can't help much here - like i said, i'm still a newbie...)

As of now, it looks like i'm limited to using this thing from my other laptop running windows. At this stage, i can't recommend the linux wispy tools package (and thus buying the dongle) to anyone who asks me about it.

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