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Posted by:aclinux
Subject:WiSpy running problem in FC3 & FC5
Date:11:41:43 18/08/2006

> > I'm using a vanilla (last vanilla stable kernel) kernel for reasons as you exposed.
> >
> > Perhaps the questions are: Really does wispy hardware work? What kernel versions are known to work with it? Where can I find patches to upgrade the kernel?
> Works fine for me with 2.6.17. Something must be broken elsewhere in your system to prevent headers being properly detected. From your original pastes, wispy-tools is not compiled on a system where the autoconf can find detatch support. Until you fix that, it will not work.

I can compile wispy-tools without problems in that system.

I run ./configure and so on.

> There are no "upgrade patches". Your kernel has it, or it doesn't.
> -m

How can I verify I have the correct support for detatch? Any config option?

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