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Posted by:jm
Subject:WiSpy running problem in FC3 & FC5
Date:08:16:44 18/08/2006

Hi Dragorn,

Thanks for your replies. As i still consider myself a linux newbie, can i find out the following from you:

1. when you say use with stock kernel, do you mean that if i install FC3 or FC5 and then subsequently upgrade with a "stock kernel" downloaded from somewhere, that it won't matter because FC3/5 have broken headers in that usb_fs.h file that you mentioned?

2. are there any linux distributions, e.g. Mandriva, SUSE, which do not require LiveCD format (i.e. i want to have a permanent install on a HDD) that i can use which does not have this detach problem? Is there a list that you have which states which distros work out of the box with wispy and which do not?

Thanks for all your help. I'd love to be able to run your wispy package under a HDD-installed linux OS. :)

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