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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:WiSpy running problem in FC3 & FC5
Date:14:11:53 17/08/2006

> Hi,
> I've downloaded the latest wispy drivers from
> On both my FC3 and FC5 boxes, the compile runs smoothly.
> "Unable to claim interface 0 --are you root?
> Is something else using it (another program or the kernel HID)?"

The kernel HID layer is grabbing it, and your kernel lacks detatch support, apparently (or something is missing in your kernel install which is confusing autoconf -- missing or nonfunctional or old headers in /usr/include/linux/usb_fs.h probably.

> Did a lsmod and there was no module listed (take this as normal since kudzu did not run when i plugged the wispy in - should kudzu be run??)
> Running kudzu showed the wispy detected as a keyboard and kudzu attempted to configure as such. Problem still there after this so i reversed this step and rebooted.

A non-modular USB driver in the kernel is grabbing it.

> Questions:
> 1. Is there a command which i can issue in a terminal (command line) to forcefully do the detach from the kernel?

No, if your kernel doesn't support detatch, it doesn't support detatch. The wispy-tools code would have detatched it if it could.

> 3. Is there an RPM upgrade which i can install (not full kernel upgrade, just a module upgrade) in order to enable this detach driver thingy?

No. Detatching is a core part of the USB system. You need to upgrade to a modern kernel with detatch support and then rebuild the wispy-tools so that they are detatch-aware.


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