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Posted by:bitsofme
Subject:failed to get channel 52
Date:19:23:50 16/08/2006

I tried setting channelhop=false but still get this error
channel 52 has been removed from my config file

anyone any ideas PLEASE

Gathering packets...
Wed Aug 16 20:17:13 2006 Found new probed network "<no ssid>" bssid 00:09:5B:E8: AC:25
Wed Aug 16 20:17:14 2006 Found new network "<no ssid>" bssid 00:0F:B5:CE:7E:38 C rypt Y Ch 11 @ 18.00 mbit
FATAL: Failed to set channel 52 22:Invalid argument
Didn't detect any Cisco Discovery Packets, unlinking cisco dump
Didn't see any weak encryption packets, unlinking weak file
Sending termination request to channel control child 3448...
Waiting for channel control child 3448 to exit...
Kismet exiting.

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