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Posted by:jvande
Subject:MadWiFi + _subset_ of Kismet (limited memory), Ideas on HowTo
Date:20:26:51 15/08/2006

I'd like to utilize the monitor mode provided by MadWiFi to just get minimal info about neighbor APs and Stations. I'd like to poll for MAC Addr, Channel, abg Mode, RSSI of any AP or Station within range. This has to go in an embedded box up on a utility pole (wireless repeaters)...

Kismet is overkill and takes up too much memory, I need something lighter. I would appreciate any suggestions, e.g:
* Download Kismet, strip out anything that you don't need
* Examine Kismet, grab only the interface part, add code to poll for specific info
* You're in the wrong place, for lightweight monitor code go to

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

- Jeff

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