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Posted by:samueldg
Subject:Problem using kismet (stable) with orinoco-13-2.6.17 drivers into vanilla
Date:18:07:52 01/08/2006

> Using vanilla, all were fine, but make install needs a file called "hermes.conf" that not is located into directory.
> With:
> echo "" > hermes.conf
> And then make install, all appears works. But when I try start kismet (that is working with madwifi-ng drivers), the server say:
> Will drop privs to kismet (104) gid 102
> Enabling channel hopping.
> Enabling channel splitting.
> Source 0 (orinoco): Enabling monitor mode for orinoco source interface eth2 channel 1...
> FATAL: Could not find 'monitor' private ioctl or use the newer style 'mode monitor' command. This typically means that the drivers have not been patched or the correct drivers are being loaded. See the troubleshooting section of the README for more information.
> ┬┐Any help about it?

Sorry, old drivers loaded, I forgot rmmod them. Now its working like a charm.


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