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Posted by:mahlerrd
Subject:.gps file doesn't get saved occasionally.
Date:13:52:39 01/08/2006

> I believe it keeps trying to reconnect, but the gps in stable is a little wonky overall, it's completely rewritten in newcore.
> -m

I've got to learn to not mistake long strings of 0's for actual numbers. Wearing sunglasses and keeping the screen dimmed is no excuse. :)

So, sorry, chalk this one up to bad hardware - my AmbiCom GPS-USB seems to have stopped returning real numbers. Gpsd was working fine, telling Kismet it hadn't a clue where I was. (Or, well, it may have begun believing I was floating on the sea off the gold coast of Africa, but that seems unlikely).

On a related thread, do you suggest pulling down newcore and using that? The download page seems to indicate it's stable enough for general use...

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