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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:.gps file doesn't get saved occasionally.
Date:02:20:15 01/08/2006

> > No gps connection was established and there was no gps data. Kismet doesn't save empty gps files.
> >
> > There is no other situation in which it wouldn't save the gps file that it wouldn't also error out and exit.
> >
> > -m
> Interesting. I suspect then that the sleep 5 between kicking off gpsd and starting Kismet isn't enough time. (The GPS ought to be going then since it's usb powered and the boot time is >> gps cold start time.)
> Does it check at any point *after* startup for gps data? Or only at startup?

I believe it keeps trying to reconnect, but the gps in stable is a little wonky overall, it's completely rewritten in newcore.


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