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Posted by:nterry
Subject:Issues with Kismet & bcm43xx switching to Channel 14
Date:22:52:37 26/07/2006

> I am trying to get Kismet working on FC5 with the bcm43xx driver. Both Server and Client on the same machine.
> It seems to work for a short period, anything from 2 seconds to a minute and then just stops recognising packets. When it gets into this state, it indicates that it has selected Channel 14. Why?
> I have tried setting channelhop=false and although this disables hopping (as expected) after a short period is once again says Channel 14 in the info section and stops receiving. Channel 14 is not even in my channel list
> Is this a Kismet bug?
> Is this somehow caused by the bcm43xx driver?
> Am I doing something stupid?
> I have tried this with both stable and stable-devel and get the same result.
> Please advise
> Nigel

Ok. I think I have found the problem. Although I had removed the network connection from eth1, I had left NetworkManager running. I guess that on a regular basis this must initiate some kind of scan on the interface. Quite why it would use channel 14 in the US is beyond me.

However when I disable NetworkManager everything works fine.



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