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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:Kismet on rt61
Date:21:49:47 25/07/2006

> I have some problem with the configure file for kismet. I have a pci device Ralink rt61.
> I don't know what insert in the "source" line...
> This is the error FATAL: Unknown capture source type...
> Thanks
> Millo

1) Use Google to find out which Ralink chipset your device uses. It's in the first link, when searching for "ralink RT61", and it even states which chipset the device uses, in the Google excerpt from the page.
2) Read the Kismet documentation, found by clicking on "Documentation" at the top of the page you are viewing now. Pay particular note to section 12.

If you followed step 1 listed above, and the advice given in the step 2, you should be able to figure out what to put in the source statement in kismet.conf. If you can't, then chances are that using kismet will be way over your current level of computer knowledge.


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