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Posted by:Barry
Subject:Zaurus SL-C3200 and kismet-2006-04-R1-arm.tar.gz
Date:01:15:47 25/07/2006

> Hi, I have installed this (it unpacks as kismet_2005.07.R1_arm.ipk) but I cannot get it running. It starts but after Starting UI I always get Bus Error. I then decided to try to compile up a version from source using kismet-2006-04-R1.tar.gz. I have done configure and make dep, and then make. make compiles a few modules but then fails with _SIOCGIWSTATS undeclared_ in Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks.

Might want to check out . You should find what you are looking for there. The version I run on my 3100 is 2005.06.R1 and it works as advertised. I've run the newer one but it is uclx compressed and the Zaurus' have issues with it so the programs need uncompressed. It can be a bit of a pain to do and I had to reflash my Z a while back and just did an ipkg install kismet and this got the 2005.06.R1 version and haven't had time to set up the new one.

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