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Posted by:victorhooi
Subject:indoor survey
Date:03:20:38 20/07/2006

> hi there;
> is there a maps/graphics app that i can link to kismet such that while i walking i can click my mouse, and the coordiantes of the clicked point will be passed to kistmet and then i can have a the RSSI measrements associated with that point. My utlimate goal is perform indoor survey of different floor.
> thanks
> moe smadi


I'd have to second that, I was just about to post on this forum with exactly the same question =).

A good example of this approach is Covera Zone ( - you can download the trial, it's about 3 Mb. Basically, you scan in a map of the site you're surveying, then walk around and click the mouse on the map to record measurements at the location you clicked. You can then create a coverage map.


Is there any way of doing something similar with Kismet?


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