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Posted by:latinsud
Subject:wispy_gtk small enhancements
Date:21:40:41 11/07/2006

1) Average looks weird when wispy_gtk is just started.
Shots before and after patching:

The patch (url or patch itself):

diff -ru wispy-tools/wispy_gtk.c wispy-tools-mio-1826/wispy_gtk.c
--- wispy-tools/wispy_gtk.c 2006-04-06 11:01:21.000000000 +0200
+++ wispy-tools-mio-1826/wispy_gtk.c 2006-07-11 22:51:01.000000000 +0200
@@ -1097,10 +1097,10 @@
spectrum_samples[y][x] = MIN_SIG_AMPL;
- avg_sample_count = 0;
+ avg_sample_count = 1;

calibrated = 1;
- return;
+ // return;

/* Increase the spectrum sample, jump to the next position in the ring,

2) Application hangs when device is removed.
This is because usb_control_msg() always return ok, even if the device is not present.
There's a possible workaround for this, because i have noticed that buf[] is not modified in that function when device has been removed. So you could do buf[0]=0xff before calling usb_control_msg() and check whether it has changed (buf[0]==(unsigned char)0xff) to see if everything is ok.
This trick works and i have not found any drawback.


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