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Posted by:9thsentinel
Subject:Idea to ease support for alternative Mapping Services
Date:11:11:51 07/07/2006

I am based in Australia, and to be honest the resolution of terraserv is pathetic. However, as better resolution services become available (e.g. Google Maps) it would be good if there was an easy way to add support (or gain support) for those services.

Why not convert the support for mapping services into a defined plugin architecture. This offers a couple of advantages.

1) It removes support requirement for mapping services from the core code of Kismet
2) It allows other parties to support new mapping services via plugin that is easy to intergrate into Kismet without requiring patching and recompiling or alternate methods.
3) You can remove the broken mapping services from the Kismet source and just offer them as a plugin to download if people really need them.
4) more importantly, it allows the community to easily expand the capabilities of Kismet.

Options that could take advantage of a plugin architecture:
- the kismet google maps patch
- The Expedia patches/scripts that have been posted about in this forum
- I dont know if MS's service is capable of being used
- I read about the French gov funding an alternate to google maps in France using their own aerial photography.


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