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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Signal / RSSI and other "Monitoring Header" info not in dump?
Date:04:25:34 07/07/2006

> Does Kismet ever send the Signal/RSSI and other info normally in the rfmon header info in its dump file?
> I found that on at least one machine with madwifng dirvers, if I put the ath0 into monitor mode and look at it directly with ethereal, I see "Prism Monitoring Header" info for each frame which includes RSSI. But if I do this with the kismet dump I don't see the Prism Monitoring Header info or any info on the rf stuff. I do see 802.11 and 802.11 wireless LAN management frame info and all the beacons and Probe requests...

Currently there is no mechanism for this. If pcap comes through on their new file format I will use that to log more metadata about each frame.


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