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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Development of a Windows based Kismet Client
Date:04:24:37 07/07/2006

> Hello
> I've been developing a windows based client for kismet, as seen a bit lower on the forum. Yet I have to ask for some help decrypting some of the name assignments in the protocols. So if anyone with deep knowledge of kismet and its protocols could come forward and help me out explaining a few things it would be great!

The only protocol internal documentation is all the code which handles them in the existing kismet client. I don't know when I'll get a chance to spend the time documenting them more than that.

> Another question, Does kismet send packets to the client? and if so, then what for? Or is it even possible? So one could run a win32 version of aircrack.

No, there is no mechanism for passing packets to the client. The only mechanism for network passing of packets is the drone packet capture system.


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