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Posted by:rberger
Subject:Signal / RSSI and other "Monitoring Header" info not in dump?
Date:02:42:59 06/07/2006

Does Kismet ever send the Signal/RSSI and other info normally in the rfmon header info in its dump file?

I found that on at least one machine with madwifng dirvers, if I put the ath0 into monitor mode and look at it directly with ethereal, I see "Prism Monitoring Header" info for each frame which includes RSSI. But if I do this with the kismet dump I don't see the Prism Monitoring Header info or any info on the rf stuff. I do see 802.11 and 802.11 wireless LAN management frame info and all the beacons and Probe requests...

Am I doing something wrong or is this expected behavior?


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