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Posted by:Barry
Subject:wispy on FC5? how to release dongle from HID?
Date:06:41:22 04/07/2006

> > Can anyone tell me how to get wispy_gtk or wispy_curses to work on my FC5 box? I can't get passed HID grabbing the usb dongle and not letting go:
> >
> > [root@localhost wispy-tools-2006-03-R1]# ./wispy_curses
> > Unable to claim interface 0 -- are you root?
> You have to either fix whatever is in your distro causing the kernel to grab it (this shouldn't be the default) or you need to upgrade to a kernel version which supports the HID disconnect commands.
> I'm surprised the FC5 kernel doesn't, but I don't know what they did to it, either. I don't use vendor-modified kernels.
> -m

Try running it as root.

Oops, I guess you are. How about running as a regular user and sudo'ing it.

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