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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Problems running kismet server - Visual Basic GUI
Date:19:16:56 26/06/2006

> Hey everyone!
> I have set myself the goal to create a Windows Kismet Gui, programmed in Visual Basic. But I am having some troubles connection to kismet running on a Laptop with a cisco atheos card properly set up using the BackTrack Distro. Now Kismet runs and performs great with that, but whenever i try to disconnect the gui, since i just need to connect to the server, i automaticly reconnects.
> How do I run just the Kismet Server, and any pointers on proper configuration?

If you want to run the server component of kismet without running the gui at all, just run the server. kismet_server.

Also be aware that while the basic protocol mechanisms will be the same, when newcore releases the protocols themselves will change, so you'll need to change things to work with it later. The changes are all to even out inconsistencies in the protocols, and to handle new features, but in some cases they're pretty major changes to the protocol contents.

Having a win32 native client would be a good thing.


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