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Posted by:TAz00
Subject:Problems running kismet server - Visual Basic GUI
Date:16:27:55 26/06/2006

Hey everyone!

I have set myself the goal to create a Windows Kismet Gui, programmed in Visual Basic. But I am having some troubles connection to kismet running on a Laptop with a cisco atheos card properly set up using the BackTrack Distro. Now Kismet runs and performs great with that, but whenever i try to disconnect the gui, since i just need to connect to the server, i automaticly reconnects.

How do I run just the Kismet Server, and any pointers on proper configuration?

Also the fact that my computer cant ping the Backtrack laptop, but can ping the router, and the linux laptop cant ping my computer either, but it can also ping the router.

I should say i also have linux box connected via cable.

I know this project might be a bit hard, but should pay off when I hand it as my programming project :P The others are just learning what variables are etc etc.

It is not so much the programming that is the problem, it is "how do I configure kismet properly ?".

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